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10 Things Every Man and Woman Needs In Their Closet!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

No closet is complete without these wardrobe essential pieces.

The Clean White Button-Up - The clean white will help you start your look on a clean slate.

The Leather Moto Jacket - The moto it is a staple that can live in your closet for decades. 

The PerFIT Jean - The perfect jean is all about the fit, it should hug every curve properly.

The Little Black Dress - The perfect black dress is a multipurpose item that can be use for any occasion.

The Perfect tailored Suit - A black tailored suit is a classic staple that can never be replaced in your wardrobe. 

The Single Sole heels for ladies and The classic black shoes for men. - The classic black shoes is the foundation of your wardrobe.

The Carryall Leather Tote - A simple leather tote can carry all of your everyday essentials.

The Trench - The trench is a classic with a neutral color that can be paired with almost anything.

The Timepiece - The timepiece is essential for men and women it's a staple that will last a life time. 

The Perfect Blazer  - In or out of the office this Blazer can take you from Day /Night /Brunch /Gala with a simple drape over the shoulder.

How many of these pieces do you have in your closet? Is it time for a shopping trip?

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